What Are BALANCE Workshops?
Why implement BALANCE Workshops?
A few reasons include:
  • Research has shown that the development of meaningful relationships has been impactful in promoting resilience, especially for young children in kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • When caring mentors establish relationships with students, it can have a positive influence on their social-emotional development.
  • Historically, school and community-based programs have proven effective as both prevention and intervention for children at risk.
  • The number of children and families who are experiencing/have experienced trauma is on the rise. Children affected by trauma may have difficulty forming relationships with adults and peers. Yoga and mindfulness activities support stress management, as well as general health and wellness.

What are BALANCE Workshops for Kids?
Fostering social-emotional growth and resiliency is the goal of our workshop model. Through the integration of yoga principles, we connect to the social-emotional learning standards. Our core model program includes 8 2-hour sessions. Our research-rich, fun, and interactive approach enables us to promote skills for a lifetime for children ages 5-10 and their families!

This is a multimodal approach program, sure captive participants. Each lesson focuses on one of the core yoga principles and includes literature, a craft, a game as well as a short yoga sequences.

One of the unique features of this dynamic program is the family component. Having family participation is a great opportunity to engage families in your facility and is another level of helping these important lessons become lifelong skills. 

BALANCE Workshops provide an opportunity to connect with families!

Information courtesy of Teri Sexton

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